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Strip sports betting videos c betting out of position plays

Strip sports betting videos

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New York Jets. In , she was a Penthouse Pet. Houston Texans. The Danish star loves cream soda and is known for her long blonde tresses and amazing chest. Scuba diving is her passion. She enjoys Bud Light, the Seattle Seahawks, and fishing. Jetta started out as a makeup artist in the business, but more recently has been branching out into modeling and acting.

Renoni enjoys being on set, as well as partying, tanning at the beach, and she loves the New Orleans Saints. Sara Lee Saleh is originally from Colorado and moved to Los Angeles very recently, to pursue modeling. She likes to dance and to party. Game Tweet to Chanel. Tweet to Aimee. Tweet to Abby. Tweet to Alexa. Tweet to Chloe. Tweet to Veronica. Tweet to Helly. For us at Betfred Sports , that person, hands down, is sports trader Phil Hayden who has enjoyed a great career up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

Fortunately for Betfred , Phil has found his home with us. Each and every day, without fail and with perfect co SCCG Management finishing strong! Bring it on Related Pages See all. Stack Up. Noble esports. Test Squadron. Gamer Wager. JD Design and Antiques. Video transcript.

We've got the SBC Digital summit next week. Talking about sports book venues. We've got lots of lots of going on. Pages Public figure Entrepreneur Stephen A.

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Emily is an adult actress and model. The girl next door hails from Texas. She loves animals and is a Notre Dame fan and is always out to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys. New York Jets. In , she was a Penthouse Pet.

Houston Texans. The Danish star loves cream soda and is known for her long blonde tresses and amazing chest. Scuba diving is her passion. She enjoys Bud Light, the Seattle Seahawks, and fishing. Jetta started out as a makeup artist in the business, but more recently has been branching out into modeling and acting.

Renoni enjoys being on set, as well as partying, tanning at the beach, and she loves the New Orleans Saints. Sara Lee Saleh is originally from Colorado and moved to Los Angeles very recently, to pursue modeling. She likes to dance and to party. Game Tweet to Chanel. The Westgate sportsbook posts hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets and the line of bettors forms on Thursday, Jan.

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Worst bad beat in Super Bowl involves Italian soccer. Nevada Super Bowl betting handle lowest since February 9, - am February 9, - pm. Glitches cause issues for some betting outlets during Super Bowl. February 8, - pm February 8, - pm. Chiefs favored over Buccaneers to win Super Bowl. February 8, - am February 8, - am. Sportsbooks surprised how Bucs dominated Mahomes in Super Bowl.


The Big Moves. Ralph Michaels. The Action Network. Teddy Covers. SuperBook Sports. FOX Bet Live. Vegas Boys Free Sports Picks. Cappers Paradise Picks. Video transcript. Look what I use when I use the other light look how bright it is. It's way bright. That's just from the Sun right now.

I don't really see the need to like do too much. I mean it's darker over here that these little lights even though I broke one a pretty decent that they got me from Bleacher Report Those get brighter that gets. I can't see you. I'm seeing spots. It's like ballots from this light to that way. So we'll see I'm trying to figure out which with this office situation, but we'll.

Yeah, who knows? Of course, it's okay, we got a few minutes. Meant you have all the questions you're good with those. Okay cool. I think we're all up on the streaming Yup. They all say offline wonder why they're offline. There it goes, I just had to reload the video. So that's what's on the screen right now. So it's streaming. Alright, let's make sure everything looks good. Alright guys, it looks pretty good. I'll give you probably another 30 seconds here and then we'll get going you have everything tied up right and slack.

Just some questions to ask, okay perfect, I'll try to demand the YouTube channel to the best of my ability. Right now. We go No cancel. Straight from the Strip. Okay, we got a muted. Any questions here. Micki whatever that means. Alright, let's get started here guys. Here we go. We're about to be I will let you know three to show us yours Mitty. What's up everyone My and are in Vegas this weekend.

We do not have a new. I love you but we will be answering your questions right here right right now but before we begin, I know you have packages loaded for three. Yeah and we have coming up. On Wednesday and Saturday, so once again. That's so far out amongst the zombie trying to get out ahead of the market moves that are already moving really quickly because I know some mistakes' check in the comments section.

I'm not. I'm not trying to sell. Anything you gotta decide you're chasing things of the year and nonsense like that and you see value in someone giving you a minus and a day later, he's minus If you see the value in that, then obviously you're you're gonna gravitate towards someone like myself. If not, I'm not trying to sell you and all the nonsense about Oh he's giving out opposites or that he was for the USC.

That's why he gives. Opposite they're eating bookmakers don't need me to help them make money like they don't need me to to to help you lose your money to them. It's lack of money management and lack of having an edge is gonna do that already so the fact that to even think that a book makers would want anyone out there giving out fake sides that's nonsense like I like I know the outcome before the game.

I love that it's it's just what it's what happens I obviously. Bleacher Report as well, we our bedding guys, don't listen to her. She's on vegas', so I'm like no, I have my best interest like do you think that Caesars sportsbook is telling me to give out the wrong side They the game because the fight still have to be fought like crazier things have ever happened.

I don't think gets the respect from book makers and no disrespect to them or bet enough that they're gonna influence and and manipulate the market for you. That's not what we're doing. Manipulate the market VR not really, but real quickly so the reason and again to say fucking self promotion the reason I'm on the I was the the first contracted sports better for the UFC is simple cuz they wanted a winning sports better they didn't want an analyst.

They don't want a journalist. They wanted someone that actually has proven he could win long term. I'm close to ROI they put me on the social media. I'm I'm gonna tell you right here. This is why I'm on there because all the social media. I'm 30 - 49 and two over the last 25 events around 79 percent. That's why I'm there and because I gave out Kamo Osman If you go watch this week on the line show that we did last week, I gave up my Oman on fight pass at minus He's now minus Contracted for the USC because they're they're confident that I'll be able to continue to provide that kind of information and more importantly that I'll continue to win long term because we quickly I can tell you right away in fact, RR talks built this amazing system that it takes all of five seconds for any of us to tell you exactly what we're up or down so this year for last year for the year before that for every sport you want.

That's why that's why every month when WP puts out that Tweet who's up you're gonna see my name and that's top five not because I'm on a hot streak, not because I had to go 30 and two, but because I constantly grind and win so I'm sorry if this pissed you off this little rant, the guys that. Stay of the guys that get it the rest that are bashing again Chase your game of the year. I'm not for you now, let's get into it and give these guys some answers all let's do it.

Alright guys you can check out Yanni's picks at wager Talk dot com and before we get right into it. Kelly your proxy service tell us a little bit about that because it is almost football season. You could give your picks at the latest time she doesn't bust your balls ever. Not using Kelly. Here's what we do better than everybody else and that's all that I can simply tell you we are nailed it. We have competitive prices. We're we lowered our prices for this football season to be competitive with everyone else and we offer a money-back guarantee if there's any mistakes.

We're talking if there is a mistake you. Your money back if you bought it for a thousand dollars at Golden Nugget if you bought it for at Westgate, that is one thing that we wanna offer our people. I know other people get back 50 bucks or a hundred bucks or whatever it is no if we make a mistake, we're giving you back all of your money because that's the integrity that we have.

We also have some of the latest cut off times. I know that some people have you have to submit by Friday night with us. I mean we're talking 12 to 15 hours worth of information that we're allowing our customers to have with everything. This year, it's it's actually allowed us to not have to go to the casino and to actually focus and be there in the zone soon as your place gets sent to us, That's when they're getting submitted, There's no waiting. It's it's it's very exciting. We have a lot of really great things coming coming for this football season.

They're doing. I know that a lot of people that even aren't our customers are. Because they wanna see who the top five guys are playing each and every week they wanna see the Top five consensus picks and either contest because we know sometimes those are the best fades on the planet.

Obviously at any point in time, you guys can hit me up on Twitter as well. We can we got. We've got the data cocky be cocky if you know, you're great that you have the best service out there. I love that you're humble and like this business or humble you real quickly as a sports better, you're high one day lower than that, but as far as you're doing that service for us out here that wanna get in contact you're cop at it.

That's that's why you shot your trajectory. You went so quickly to the top of that industry. Could you do it right and you deserve the credit? At K IV proxy service everyone oh, so let's jump in to the questions we posted what you guys want us to answer and so this is great from Twitter. Let's get to the first question for both of you guys at the President, JB any advice on best ways to focus on saving on juice and lime shopping.

How to make sure they're getting the best of it more often than not when getting back in. What do I say Yanni I could jump in the first thing you. Is have multiples that's how you're gonna shop the best way to do it is obviously establish credit with locals because there's nothing worse than tying up a bunch of cash in a non interest bearing account that's gonna sit there and then you have to pay to bet you're already behind the eight ball doing that.

That's key as a gambler and you do that through. You know you pick a number to settle after you set a couple of times that number you raise the number you settle a couple of times that number and you keep raising it raising and raising in it. That's what I've done and I've built these relationships where I have enough credit that I can get down with a bunch of different outs as far as getting rebates and refunds, a lot of books will have some kind of promotions like that, but to really get that you gotta move a lot of money if you're moving.

Lot of money for a lot of accounts you're gonna get better big. What I mean by that is I provide a ton of accounts for guys different groups so when I make a deal with a sports book, I I could offer them give me 25 accounts and different stuff will come through all 25 of them, but you gotta give me minus I'm gonna charge them minus They're gonna be so happy that they're saving five cents on the dollar and I'm gonna make two cents on the dollar every time they lose. They win, I have a Commission already set up with them, so I'm gonna get some money that way Also, unless you're moving weight as it's called a lot of volume, you're really not gonna be able to to have leverage to ask for better big that's been my experience so you know otherwise for rebates and stuff like that.

I'm gonna chime in with that. I think with right now with all the legalization happening that locals are going to have to for lack of better words become competitive to get your business right. Do I want to bet on credit because as you mentioned do I wanna put five.

Into a non interest bearing account here at the Sportsbook, not necessarily, but I do have several accounts around town so that I can be able to bet locally, but I also have a credit accounts because there's better online shopping.

Now I do have a guy that will give me minus We all know that there's things like that and there's there's ways to negotiate for lack of better words with those locals also if you're living on the East Coast, there's about 40 new sports books every week go and hey, we're gonna. We're gonna do this. We're gonna do that so definitely shop around but a PSA just to tie a bow on kind of what VR said is be very careful now that they're allowing credit cards to deposit because a lot of sports books close there.

You can't go in and deposit here in Vegas you can now, but before that they're taking credit cards. I'm already paying you 10 percent 15 percent in some cases even a dollar 20 in some cases to bet with you and now you're gonna also charge me a three percent fee on top so be very weary there of that. I know that right now, some of the sportsbooks are waving those credit card processing fees just because they're happy to but definitely pay attention to any kind of hidden fees or things of that.

Again, as we are stated, it is so hard to win as it is the last thing you wanna be doing is paying yourself. I mean I've seen guys that I know that are local guys. They're like you know, minus minus Wow. I'm like minus on both sides like you can't win you can't and so that's something everybody needs to be paying attention to and every guy local guys and say, Oh, I can't I don't have the ability to fix that.

You're gonna have the power to tell the guy above you or make a call down to Central America and say hey, I'd like to address the juice and you as the consumer has to have the ability to go elsewhere. Everybody knows somebody and if you have a relationship with hate your buddy your buddy down at the local bar knows hey he he betts through this guy.

What is this guy? What is he willing to offer me to leave this guy and you know if you can guarantee that you're gonna get your money. Now that absolutely okay guys before we move on to the next question, I just wanna shout out to everyone that has joined us today cuz the chat room has been flipped. Zachary the Drifter Scott Bryan's Richard and my friend David from Israel who joined me on the Teddy cover show on Thursday So next question at with BM picks for someone who recently graduated and I was looking to get into the sports gambling industry.

What advice would you give them? Well, the very first advice that I would give anyone is to be a sponge mont. I told you this last summer when we first met when you wanna break into the industry, the biggest thing you can do is learn from others who are there now? Not everybody get to hang out with Dave Cogan Kenny White Todd Furman for the two guys that I got to hang out with a couple of days a week when I was over at Dawn Bess and I got to break into the industry by luck, I had an 85 to one and all of a sudden everybody's.

A woman what she's doing and she's a night-club. She's a no shit well. I knew enough, though that I could make educational Betts, but I didn't know enough to really do the media side of things to be able to talk about it particularly enough outside of the sports book with my buddies drinking beers right and they taught me so many things and I just would sit Todd's office and harass the hell out of me got no work done asking questions about soccer asking questions about the NDA sports that I never followed.

I've loved since I was a little kid, I didn't have questions about College football I had everything down learning how to build power ratings doing all these things with Kenny White, My brain was like what the am I learning here and I realized hey, maybe this isn't for me but being able to build those relationships like VR said, and be able to share. Hey, I got this tip from this coach that I know at Clemson. I know this coach K State. I heard this about KU. Here's this. Ralph Michael's is huge at sharing.

Numbers with me, I don't live and die by Ralph numbers, but it's nice to have a secondary set of numbers to compare to other people's. Yeah, I don't have 40 hours a week to do my own numbers. Sharing with your local buddies, hey, I'm starting to build this algorithm or I have this set and you guys work off one another. I think that working together in teams is probably the smartest thing you could do because everybody has their strengths that would be the very first thing I would say is I put all of your ego aside and really try to learn.

Yup Absolutely Yanny I couldn't agree more with everything, Kelly said, including building a network cuz Nothing's more important than. But you gotta be very particular in the network you build because like we said, 99 percent of betters lost money long term.

We're reading and absorbing comes from losing sports better. I gave out that over 30 - seven and a half in the women's Hot dog eating contest at even money. I know nothing about that at all I trust my spirit. I have no idea, but what I do know is this guy is definitely sharp enough that when he betts the market's gonna move so let me get out ahead of it and get my clients out ahead of it to get a good number. Know what it takes to make money betting sports and actually try to provide for your family doing that and I wouldn't wish that on nobody I came to Vegas with bucks.

I saw guys that went the sports book route got in his ticket writers move their way up because they were short their life was a lot. Now, maybe look you know 20 years later my income may be higher than those but they're probably gonna live longer than me because they're stress level is a lot lower and they've got a lot less gray hair so seriously.

What the what what's what's any kind, mainstream and sportsbook exploding? I highly recommend getting on that side of the counter as opposed to my side of the counter because this side of the counter is a very hard place to survive. Very, I just wanted to give a shout out to VR the other morning you're like. Hey, here's your Wednesday Soccer.

It's like a two to one underdog by the way in the ninetieth minute. They're up to nothing. They're lali and it took me 20 minutes to try to figure out how to bet it and I found it and it's just a little bit extra stoppage time, but no big deal. It is really funny though cuz you start to look at these things and you're right, I cannot tell you what color they're Jersey is I cannot name one person that you trust. I trust the information that it comes from and I think that's what's really important.

I haven't spent five seconds even watching it, but when you wake up in the morning, you're like, hey Dave, I just want another Korea in baseball. That's awesome when I look right now. Hey, that's awesome that VR has another soccer winners that he shared with me. Those are the kind of things that I think is really important as far as the network goes in VR is absolutely right there is a ton of sports jobs.

Right now, I'm not giving the current landscape, but once things get rock and rolling again and more and more safe open up the Sportsbook, I think we're at 21 States now and by the end of next year, I think we'll be close to like 30 States I know even my home state of Kansas and they're gonna have sports betting by , - one which is shocking because they're one of the most conservative States in the Union.

I mean, I know that a couple of people from the wind went to DraftKings and now DraftKings here in Vegas, even though there's not a book yet to be able to go and get a. With some of those people in the industry have been doing it for 20 or 30 years is the best education that you can get.

Thank you for that. Oh and Hans Thanks for joining guys. Alright next question is from Jordan from Twitter when making your own preseason power rating for NFL. What do you compare them to to assess strength? What do you compare them to assess strengths?

Yes open mind current lines, sharks or other caps power ratings. What do you do? I start off with last season. Okay right from there and make adjustments based on what did they lose? Unlike you like I always say, don't respect the AP ratings but respect time Uss Maker gives you his power ratings because he's back in his opinion with money you get the AP wrong.

Just wrong, it doesn't cost anybody a penny you get your power ratings wrong and you're gonna get a bunch of people that are gonna pound you for it So that's why I think you should look ahead but personally, I'm more so looking behind because you have so much data to work on and until we go into this season, it's kind of an unknown and again the bigger sample size of the data. You have the more you can trust it The bigger sample size of games the more you can trust the best teams gonna come out like this year real quickly with.

I did a show yesterday with Ralph Michael's if. Yet we're gonna start breaking down all 32 NFL teams as well as the week. Well right now? We will adapt and thrive. As for Las Vegas The capacity is still limited as are the amenities but Vegas is still a place people can escape to for a break from their routines. Care is being taken I know our many friends from across The Pond and beyond are eager to return! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Sign Up. Stephen A. Crystal, Esq. We are in good hands with Cooper Hays at the helm. Another week of big announcements for our company as is a year of substantial growth. Please follow our new LinkedIn Pag This year, no such celebrations planned. BUT, fireworks will return as will the crowds Still time left in to make it count!

Happy Monday! For us at Betfred Sports , that person, hands down, is sports trader Phil Hayden who has enjoyed a great career up and down the Las Vegas Strip.